The Perils of Misdirection

How often, as leaders and managers, are out attention, time and resources distracted from our organisation’s goals and targets, our professional goals and targets and those of those whom we lead?

In the world of Education, Professor John Hattie talks of the ‘Politics of Distraction’ – the things that, while they have little or no positive influence on the success of outcomes for out students, soak up our time, effort and resources. (“politics of Distraction”)

Although researched within the realms of education, John Hattie’s notion of the potential virus of the ‘Politics of Distraction’ exist in all organisations.

While enjoying this entertaining demonstration of the art of misdirection by Apollo Robins, spare a thought for whether sometimes we are, in our day-to-day dealing, unwittingly misdirected from our core purpose, role or root to personal and/organisational success. 

So… how are you now viewing those things that hijack your time, efforts and resources that have little/no positive impact on the achievement of your desired outcomes?

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To your success